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Technical communications refers to the field of creating and sharing technical information in a variety of ways. Information can be shared though media (print, online, or advertising) or directly to consumers (user guides, information documents, etc.). Multitudes of positions are available to workers within the field of technical communications, including the following:

Job Descriptions:

Technical writers take complicated, technical jargon and translate it into language that anyone can understand. Technical writers can work as full-time employees or freelance contractors.

Technical editors focus on the scientific or procedural content of documents, rather than the applicable style guide. (The copy editor and proofreader focus on making the document fit a style used by a particular industry, such as Associated Press, Bluebook, American Chemical Society, Chicago, APA, or MLA styles.) A reader who has no prior knowledge of the subject should be able to understand a document that is well written and properly edited.

Technical illustrators use graphic design to add photographs, line drawings, flow charts and other illustrations to technical documents. Technical illustrators help enhance or clarify technical writing.

Content developers create original content for various forms of media. A common type of content development is for Web publication, which usually follows The Columbia Guide to Online Style or Web Style Guide.

Document specialists are in charge of maintaining and organizing technical documentation related to computer programming or systems operations. Document specialists differ from technical writers in that they usually do not have to create original content.

Information architects design the ways to present information. They can create models, mockups, or other blueprints that best fit the information to be shared.

Web designers build Internet sites. They must be knowledgeable in programming codes, such as HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Some Web designers prepare all of the components for a site, including written content, illustrations, and programming code. Some Web designers only code the site and rely on other technical communicators (writers, editors and graphic artists) to create the content.

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